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Subject matter of PQ B/159 on the day’s Order Paper is not subject to sub judice rules

Le Speaker a donné son ruling après la réception d’une contestation d’Arvind Boolell concernant la question parlementaire ayant référence B/159.

Honourable Members,
I have received a letter from Dr the Hon. Boolell expressing his opinion that PQ B/159 on today’s Order Paper and addressed to the Hon. Prime Minister on the outcome of the enquiry on the coffers seized at the residence of the former Prime Minister in 2015 is not receivable in as much as the matter is before the Intermediate Court and is sub judice.

Honourable Members,
I have perused the ruling, dated 03 April 2024, of the Magistrates of the Intermediate Court in the matter of Police v/s Navinchandra Ramgoolam, whereby it has clearly stated that the trial has not yet started in this case. In fact at this stage, only preliminary points of law are being raised.

I rule that the subject matter is not sub judice in as much as there is no real and substantial danger that is going to impact or prejudice the outcome of the case.

I thank you.

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