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Kerrith Brown’s official visit to China

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) continues in its mission to further the sport on a global scale with President Kerrith Brown having visited China last week. He was welcomed by the Wushu Management Center of the General Administration of Sport, with the support of the CIMMAF (Chinese International MMA Federation), and fruitful discussions regarding the development of the sport in China took place.

Mr. Brown introduced the vision of the IMMAF as the only WADA-recognized amateur mixed martial arts federation, with the premier pathway for youth and amateur athletes to develop themselves. Ms. Zhang Yuping, President of the Wushu Management Center of the General Administration of Sport, shared several insights into the promotion of MMA in China and abroad.

The IMMAF’s plans for future development in China were also a hot topic during Mr. Brown’s visit with several in-depth discussions taking place in that regard with Mr. Zhang Lei, from the Wushu and Combat Sports Department.

During the visit, the IMMAF president also met with Mr. Gao Shuai from JCK Battle Arena, as discussions were had regarding the plans to include amateur MMA in the development plans for China and overseas.

Mr. Brown was impressed with the scale of the facilities in China, some of which house more than 30,000 students, who have access from elementary to tertiary education as well as martial arts training. The visit provided the IMMAF with valuable insight into the current state of mixed martial arts in China and the various possibilities for further growth of the sport in the country.

‘’It was amazing to see how the development of mixed martial arts is taking place in China. A first-hand experience into the work being done by several officials in a manner that can only be beneficial to the sport and to the country of China. I am absolutely delighted to have been introduced to so many good people involved with MMA in China. We look forward to supporting the Chinese MMA community, especially working with the Wushu Management Center of the General Administration of Sport, and for the IMMAF’s plan and vision for the sport to continue benefitting athletes around the world’’.

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