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Letter containing elements of threat and accusations by the Hon. Assirvaden addressed to the Speaker

Toujours concernant Patrick Assirvaden, le Speaker s fait mention de l’envoi d’une lettre contenant des accusations et des menaces envers sa personne sur le tirage aux sort des questions parlementaires.

Honourable Members,

I wish to inform the House that I have received a letter from the Hon. Assirvaden entitled ‘Drawing lots for Parliamentary Questions’. I am tabling copy of the letter.

In that letter, the Honourable Member has accused me of, I quote –

“Unilateral and hijacking of the drawing of lots exercise”, and in so doing, “having turned the transparent exercise into an opaque and undemocratic stratagem destined to relegate Opposition PQs in favour of Government PQs.”

I just want to highlight that the first Question for the Prime Minister Question Time is from a Member of the Opposition and the first Question addressed to other Hon. Ministers is from a Member of the Opposition also.

In that same letter, the Honourable Member, in a most threatening manner, in an attempt to intimidate or intimidate me in the functions of Speaker, is calling on me to, I quote –

“to put an end to (my) unlawful acts and doings… and to forthwith restore and implement the terms of the Agreement, failing which legal action will be taken against (me); and denunciation letters will be sent to parliamentary democracies across the world.”

To that effect, Hon Members, I can only reply that there is no question of restoring or implementing the terms of the Agreement as the drawing of lots is being carried out in accordance with the same Terms which the Honourable Member has in his possession and as stated in my first announcement.

Finally, I consider the letter to be threatening and the accusations made therein are unfounded, malicious, vile, and of bad faith, made intentionally to cast doubt on my character and personality in the discharge of my functions as Speaker.

It is worth noting that there have been suspensions in the House of Commons in respect of the terms of a letter addressed by a Member to the Speaker and of his conduct in the House on preceding days and this is in Erskine May, the 25th Edition.

I’m tabling a copy of the letter as I said and now I would ask Hon Member, Hon Assirvaden if he still maintains whatever he said in the press, in the letter or he is prepared to apologise.

(At this stage, Hon Assirvaden maintains whatever he said and he further states that “l’allocation est fait dans l’opacité totale”)

I am satisfied that this goes in Hansard that Hon Assirvaden maintains in the Assembly today the 07 May 2024 at 11 40 hrs whatever he said in his letter.

Hon. Members

Therefore, in the circumstances, I leave the matter in the hands of the House.

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