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Multi-country outbreak of cholera

From 1 January 2024 to 28 April 2024, a cumulative total of 145 900 cholera cases and 1766 deaths were reported from 24 countries across five WHO regions, with the African Region recording the highest numbers, followed by the Eastern Mediterranean Region, the Region of the Americas, the South-East Asia Region, and the European Region. No outbreaks were reported in the Western Pacific Region during this time.

The cholera response continues to be affected by a critical shortage of Oral Cholera Vaccines (OCV). Since January 2023, OCV requests have surged, with 82 million doses requested by 15 countries, nearly double the 46 million doses produced during this period. The global stockpile of vaccines was depleted until early March. As of 6 May 2024, the stockpile has 3.2 million doses, which is below the global stockpile target of five million doses.

WHO classified the global resurgence of cholera as a grade 3 emergency in January 2023, its highest internal level for emergencies. Based on the number of outbreaks and their geographic expansion, alongside the shortage of vaccines and other resources, WHO re-assed the risk at the global level as very high and the event remains classified as a grade 3 emergency.

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