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Brand Magic 2024: Uniting Minds Beyond Borders

Brand Magic, the premier annual event for branding and marketing professionals, held its highly anticipated 9th edition on 16th May at the illustrious Intercontinental Resort Balaclava. Under the resonating theme of ‘Branding Beyond Boundaries’, the event delved into the realms of innovative brand strategies, transcending conventional limits.

Initiated by Mind Initiatives in 2015, Brand Magic has evolved into a pivotal platform for industry leaders to gather insights from renowned international speakers and exchange success stories from both local and global brands.

In his welcome speech, Ravin Lama, Chairperson of the Organising Committee for Brand Magic 2024, emphasised the significance of breaking traditional boundaries in branding. He stated,

« Our theme, Branding Beyond Boundaries, urges us to reevaluate our perceptions of limitations. It’s about embracing new possibilities and expanding our horizons in brand promotion. »

Gratitude was extended to the event’s sponsors, including platinum sponsor Coca-Cola, silver sponsor FCB-Cread, and associate sponsors EDB, Sunny, and Indian Oil, along with esteemed partners such as Aestetika, Analysis Kantar, DB-Vision, Design Works, Diizz Digital, Eruption, FCB-Cread, Insta Studio, Intercontinental Resort, and Perpetual Motion.

The unveiling of the Brand Book 2024 marked a highlight of the event, showcasing a compilation of articles and case studies elucidating the intricate world of branding. Offering practical insights into brand strategy, the Brand Book will serve as an invaluable resource for marketers and brand enthusiasts alike.

20 leading brands of Mauritius recognised in awards

Further, the prestigious Top Brands of Mauritius 2024 awards ceremony was graced by Philippe Espitalier Noël, CEO of Rogers Group. This annual accolade, conducted by Analysis Kantar in partnership with Mind Initiatives, recognises the most prominent brands across various categories in Mauritius.

1	Apollo				23.45%
2	Phoenix Beer			19.48%
3	Body & Soul			12.50%
4	Sunny				11.90%
5	Chantecler/Chantefrais		10.74%
6	Bois Cherie			5.99%
7	Subana				5.92%
8	La Moricienne			5.52%
9	Domaine de Labourdonnais (DDL)	4.88%
10	Corson				4.81%

Samsung				16.14%
MCB				8.88%
Winner’s			8.20%
Adidas				7.91%
Body & Soul			5.62%
Mauritius Telecom/Myt		5.11%
Apple				4.61%
LG				3.84%
Island Haze			3.30%
Phoenix Beer			3.24%

MCB				12.05%
Samsung				11.12%
Winner’s			9.26%
Mauritius Telecom/Myt		6.95%
Apple				6.89%

MCB				20.19%
IBL				9.63%
ENL				7.77%
Mauritius Telecom/MyT		6.42%
PhoenixBev			6.31%

MCB				14.53%
Winner’s			10.54%
IBL				7.99%
Mauritius Telecom/MyT		6.46%
Super U				3.94%

MCB				12.51%
Winner's			6.40%
IBL				6.22%
ENL				5.77%
CIEL				4.12%

International speakers shared their perspectives on branding in the modern landscape

Marie Louise Maloouf, Chief Creative Officer, Edelman: Marie Louise delved into the concept of brand voice versus brand noise, drawing from her extensive experience in brand management. She highlighted the challenges posed by the inundation of marketing messages in the digital age, emphasizing the need for brands to prioritize clarity and authenticity in their communication. By aligning brand messaging with values that enhance people’s lives, Marie Louise advocated for a more purpose-driven approach to branding, rooted in a clear mission and vision.

Sheila Berman, Co-host of B2B Marketing Asia Podcast, Former Global Lead for MarTech and Marketing Operations, She Loves Data: Sheila shared her personal journey to Brand Magic and underscored the importance of partnerships and collaboration in organizing successful events. Reflecting on the multicultural environment of Mauritius, she emphasized the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and learning. Sheila also expressed her awe at the global interconnectedness showcased at the event, recognizing the opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Emmanuel Upputuru, Founder & Creative Chairman, EFGH Brand Innovations delved into the dynamic intersection of brands and technology, exploring how emerging technological trends are reshaping the branding landscape. He said, “Brands need to adapt to the evolving digital environment while remaining empathetic to consumer needs. It’s important to bring empathy in branding, this advocates for a holistic approach that integrates data-driven insights with human-centered design principles.”

Phillipa Dunjay, TikTok Consultant, Pip Dunjay Ltd during her talk said,

“The role of artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising creative processes within the branding industry. We need to leverage on AI to generate creative variations and optimise brand assets. With AI and creativity, there is potential for technology to enhance brand innovation and storytelling.”

Sameer Muley, Multidisciplinary Creative Technologist and Strategist, H-Labs: Sameer celebrated the diversity of Mauritius and the inclusive environment fostered by Brand Magic. Drawing parallels between cultural diversity and the symbiotic relationship between creativity and technology, he emphasized the importance of embracing different perspectives in driving brand innovation. Sameer underscored the interconnectedness of creativity and technology, highlighting the need for brands to adapt and evolve in an increasingly dynamic market landscape.

Brand Magic 2024 promised to be a dynamic forum for innovation, collaboration, and enlightenment, shaping the future of branding beyond conventional boundaries.

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