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[Document] Le discours du Budget 2024-2025 et les annexes.

Le discours du ministre des Finances a pris fin et nous avons le plaisir de vous faire lire les autres doocuments associés au budget 2024-2025  et des photos.



Public Sector Invest. Prog.

55 Mesures

1. The Minimum Wage will be increased to MUR20,000
2. As from 01 January 2025, all pensions will be increased to MUR 15,000
3. As from 01 July 2024, the basic retirement pension will be increased to MUR14,000
4. A deduction of up to MUR60,000 per annum will be introduced for children studying in private schools.
5. Sanitary towels will be free to school girls from Grades 6 to 13 as from January 2025
6. As from 01 July 2024, a monthly School Allowance of MUR 2,000 will be available for children aged between 3-10 years old
7. A reimbursement of 5% on loans contracted will be available under the Household Ownership Scheme
8. The CSG Child Allowance will be increased to MUR2,500 per month
9. A 300% tax deduction will be available to companies making donations to certain ONGs
10. A monthly maternity allowance of MUR2,000 for a period of 9 months will be introduced, maternity leave will be increased from 14 weeks to 16 weeks and paternity leave will be increased from 1 week to 4 weeks.
11. Age limit of cancer patients to qualify for free treatment extended from 18 years to 25 years
12. MUR15m will be set aside for the implementation of a master plan to develop Agalega
13. The subsidy on airfare to Rodrigues will be maintained
14. Baggage and parcel scanners will be acquired and installed at the airport and at the seaport.
15. The digitalisation of the judiciary will be accelerated to reduce the number of outstanding cases
16. The Bank of Mauritius will remove fees associated with the MauCas platform.
17. Various stadiums and swimming pools will be upgraded and made accessible to disabled persons
18. 10-year expert occupation permit will be introduced for family office, virtual assets & virtual tokens
19. Investment tax credit of 15% over 3 years will include AI and patents.
20. Solar energy panels will be installed on certain public buildings
21. MUR250m will be allocated for the construction of schools and maintenance of school infrastructure
22. Social welfare & community centres will be upgraded for use during calamities.
23. The Central Electricity Board will install prepaid public charging stations
24. Private investment in concert venues will be eligible to premium investment certificate.
25. MUR10m will be allocated to the retired athletes scheme
26. Morcellements of at least 5 arpents and Smart Cities will be required to allocate at least 4% of land to forests.
27. The e-health system will be rolled out in all health institutions, including online appointments and medical history
28. A climate responsibility levy of 2% will be introduced for companies.
29. Payment of salaries up to Rs 2,000 up to December 2024
30. Double deduction available on costs incurred to support artists.
31. Partial exemption regime available to intermediary services.
32. Bins will be distributed to households for the sorting of waste.
33. Companies with turnover below MUR50m will be exempted from the climate responsibility levy
34. Grants on hooks & fishing material increased to MUR3,500
35. The Metro Express will be connected to the North, South, East & West of the island..
36. Amnesty scheme for long outstanding loans for farmers, breeders & planters.
37. Grant of 50% up to MUR500K to sheltered farms
38. Community based solar energy panels will be introduced for vulnerable communities
39. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Agency’s budget will be increased by 20%
40. A new framework will be introduced for the secondary trading of digital bonds
41. Increase in minimum wage for textile industry
42. Grant of MUR1m to individual fishers for semi-industrial fishing boats
43. Introduction of cash compensation of MUR3k per arpent annually for adverse weather conditions – sugarcane industry
44. The subsidy on airfare to Rodrigues will be maintained
45. MUR20m will be allocated to the Seychelles CJSOI games
46. MUR3bn will be allocated to complete existing projects and to upgrade roads
47. Water connections will be done within 30 days of application.
48. Virtual platform introduced to showcase IT services in Mauritius
49. A five year blueprint for the digital industry will be devised.
50. First time exporters with turnover less than MUR20m will benefit from rebates.
51. The Bank of Mauritius will launch a PhD programme for 10 students annually.
52. The living allowance under scholarship schemes will be increased by 50%, whether studying abroad or locally
53. Prime a l’Emploi available to part time workers
54. Launch of national AI for all campaign (school, university, businesses)
55. Modernisation of framework for alternative dispute resolutions



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