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BingX Sponsors Blockchain Expo World 2024

BingX, a global leading cryptocurrency exchange announced its sponsorship of Blockchain Expo World 2024, highlighting its strategic commitment to fostering growth and forming strategic partnerships in local markets around the world. The event will take place from July 4–7, 2024, at the Istanbul Expo Center.

BingX Sponsors Blockchain Expo World 2024 to Enhance Branding and Forge New Partnerships
Blockchain Expo World, the first and only blockchain exhibition recognized by the Republic of Turkey, will be hosted in Istanbul, a premier technology hub in Turkey. This landmark event will bring together blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals and innovators from around the globe, signifying Turkey’s rising prominence in the global crypto market. BingX’s participation as a sponsor of this significant event underscores its focus on expanding its footprint and collaborating with key industry players in local markets. The expo provides a unique platform for BingX to showcase its advanced trading solutions and engage with a diverse audience of industry stakeholders.

Vivien Lin, Chief Product Officer of BingX, will deliver a keynote speech at the event. Her address will spotlight the pursue of excellence and the platform’s compliance efforts within the local market. Additionally, Lin will discuss BingX’s ongoing efforts to establish a local presence by registering a company in Turkey, demonstrating the company’s dedication to adhering to local regulations and fostering growth within the regional market. BingX’s involvement in Blockchain Expo World 2024 reflects its continuous drive to stay at the forefront of the blockchain industry and its commitment to building a robust, compliant, and user-friendly trading environment. Through this sponsorship, BingX aims to strengthen its brand, build strategic partnerships, and contribute to the ongoing development and adoption of blockchain technology globally.

As the Blockchain Expo World 2024 approaches, BingX looks forward to engaging with industry professionals, showcasing its innovative solutions, and exploring new opportunities for growth and collaboration. This event marks a pivotal step in BingX’s journey to solidify its leadership position in the digital asset market and reinforce its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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