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Disallowed parliamentary questions

Le Speaker a fait une déclaration lors d ela séance parlementaire du 2 juillet 2024 après la parution d’un article dans la presse locale concernant une question non autorisée.

Honourable Members
My attention has been drawn to an article of the daily l’Express of today in which the Hon Woochit is referring to his question for today’s sitting which has been disallowed.

I wish to remind the House that at the last sitting, I made an announcement along that line in regard to a question put by Hon Ms Joanna Bérenger and which had been disallowed. I must state that following that announcement, Hon Ms Joanna Bérenger and Hon Osman Mahomed did solicit me for an appointment in regard to questions for today’s sitting and which have been disallowed.

However, for reasons personal to them they could not attend and did inform my Office accordingly.

Now, in the course of today’s press article, Hon Woochit in trying to explain why his question has been disallowed, he stated the following –

« Cela n’en vaut pas la peine. Le public sait maintenant quel genre de Speaker préside l’Assemblée nationale. »

Je ne dis pas quel genre de membre qui siège. Il a dit quel genre de Speaker qui préside l’Assemblée nationale.

« Si la situation était différente, j’aurais certainement pris rendez-vous avec lui pour comprendre.”

Instead of coming to see me privately in my Office to make representations, the Hon Member has chosen to go to the press and in so doing, the Hon Member has cast aspersions on the Speaker and offended the dignity of the House.

3Hon Members, in the light of the above, I am therefore requesting Hon Woochit to present his unconditional apologies to the House failing which I will have no alternative than to request the Hon Member to withdraw from the Chamber for today’s sitting.

Also, I seize the opportunity of announcing both sides of the House that this is a final warning.

So, hon. Woochit, you apologise unconditionally.

Hon Woochit apologised.

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