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African Development Bank Group builds project implementation capacity in Madagascar

To improve the management and monitoring of the projects it finances or co-finances in Madagascar, the African Development Bank conducted a two-day training for Malagasy government officials involved in the supervision of these tasks.

The workshop, held on 11 and 12 June 2024, in Antananarivo, brought together Malagasy project managers, including administrative and finance officers, and representatives from the Bank Group’s Public Debt Directorate.

Organised jointly by the Bank’s Country Office in Madagascar and its Disbursements Department, the workshop focused on the Bank’s disbursement rules and procedures, with a view to improving expenditure performance for Bank-financed projects.

Abdoulaye Kane, head of the Disbursements Department in the Bank’s Financial Control team, stated,

“The aim of the workshop, which was to build the capacity of the management units responsible for projects funded by the Bank Group, was achieved. Understanding the procedures will improve the quality of the documentation sent to the Bank.” He added that the improved documentation quality will enable faster processing and enhance Madagascar’s capacity to absorb funding from the Bank Group.”

Mandimbisoa Heriniaina, an accountant responsible for reviewing project disbursement requests in the Bank Group’s Public Debt Directorate, lauded the training approach and clarity of the answers provided. “We are committed to making good use of the training results, which should improve the quality of the documents we send to the Bank,” Heriniaina said.

Rahaniraka Haingotiana, Head of Madagascar’s External Aid and Debt Department, thanked the Bank Group for the quality of the training, and expressed satisfaction that project management units are now equipped to produce high-quality documentation that will aid faster disbursement of project financing. “We recommend that these courses are run regularly,” she added.

Adam Amoumoun, Head of the African Development Bank’s Country Office in Madagascar, said:

“This course will improve the relationship between stakeholders involved in the implementation of projects funded by the African Development Bank Group, and the impact of the workshop will be measured in the coming months through the disbursement performance achieved.”

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