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Perodua launches the 2023 Axia in Mauritius

Perodua, the renowned Malaysian automotive brand represented in Mauritius by Autonexx, has unveiled its new model the Perodua Axia in the island – This first international reveal for the car was held this Friday 4 of August at the SVICC at Pailles.

The new Axia represents the fourth generation of Perodua’s beloved A-segment hatchbacks, building on the legacy of its predecessors such as Kancil, Kelisa, Viva, and the first generation of Axia. The car was unveiled by J H Rozman Bin Jaafar, Perodua’s COO who was in Mauritius specially for the launch.

Autonexx, one of the pioneering international distributors for Perodua outside Malaysia, has been a key partner for the brand for the past 27 years. Despite the challenges of Mauritius being a relatively low-volume market compared to Malaysia, Perodua has shown unwavering confidence in their Mauritian customers by selecting the country as the launch export market for the new Axia. This decision underscores the robust and enduring partnership between Perodua and Autonexx, ensuring a bright and promising future for the brand’s continued presence here.

“Perodua has become increasingly popular in Mauritius for a few important reasons. The brand’s emphasis on user-friendliness, reliability, and advanced technology has resonated with Mauritian drivers. Additionally, their commitment to providing efficient vehicles that cater to the needs of first-time drivers and fleet businesses has made Perodua a preferred choice in the Mauritian automotive market. As a result, the brand has established a strong and lasting presence in Mauritius”, said Ally Dusmohamud CEO of Autonexx.

Despite facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, Perodua sales in Mauritius have been steadily resurging since late 2022. As of Q2 2022, the brand is delivering an average of 15 units per month. With the addition of the 7-seater Aruz and the new Axia on their lineup, Perodua anticipates sales to soar above 30 units per month. The target for 2024 is 300 units delivered, further reinforcing the brand’s commitment to the Mauritian market.

Peordua’s COO J H Rozman Bin Jaafar added that

“Being part of the Mauritian market is of importance to us, and we are thrilled to introduce the new Perodua Axia here. Mauritius holds tremendous potential for us as we believe the Axia is a great entry product. It was logical to make it our first export market. The positive response from car buyers in Malaysia, where we expect to register 82,000 Axia units this year, and our longstanding partners in Mauritius gives us confidence in our success as we expect to reach 50 units sold by the end of the year.”

The Axia, like its predecessors, is favored for its ease of use and driving experience, backed by its Japanese roots that assure reliability and advanced technology. Moreover, the Perodua brand has become synonymous with superb fuel efficiency, which has proven a winning combination for local drivers. Since its introduction in 1996, over 3000 Perodua vehicles are now proudly traversing Mauritian roads, solidifying the brand’s reputation for longevity and affordability.

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