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World Health Day 2024

Avec le thème “My health, my right.”, le ministère de la Santé a prévu une série d’activités pour marquer cette journée du 8 avril dans le pays.

Cabinet has taken note of the activities being organised to mark World Health Day 2024, observed on 07 April every year. The theme chosen for this year‟s celebration is “My health, my right.” The Ministry of Health and Wellness would launch a series of activities on 08 April 2024 which would include screening and counselling for Non-Communicable Diseases, exhibition on health-related issues and healthy meals demonstration in form of food plate models. In addition, the following activities would be organised during the month of April:
(a) special interventions on MBC TV and Radio including a TV programme „Priorité Santé‟ to sensitise the public on healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases;
(b) TV and radio programmes on:
(i) adopting healthy lifestyles, namely the importance of physical activity, good diet and the negative impact of alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse;
(ii) keeping the environment clean and safe to mitigate the propagation of vector-borne diseases;
(c) screening for NCDs in the community and at worksites; and
(d) talks in the community, Social Welfare Centres, Women Centres, Community Centres to sensitise the population on healthy lifestyles.
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