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World No Tobacco Day 2024

Autre série d’activité que le ministère de la Santé va organiser aura lieu le 31 mai 2024 dans le cadre de la World No Tobacco Day 2024.

Cabinet has taken note of the activities being organised in the context of World No Tobacco Day 2024, which is celebrated on 31 May every year. The theme chosen for this year is “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference”. A series of activities would be organised by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to mark World No Tobacco Day 2024, namely:
(a) special interventions on MBC TV and Radio including the ‘Priorité Santé’ programme during the months of May and June to sensitise the public on the dangers that tobacco use poses to public health;
(b) upscaling the tobacco cessation services through the opening of additional Tobacco Cessation Clinics in Bel Air Rivière Sèche and Stanley Mediclinics and Mahebourg Hospital to encourage people to quit smoking;
(c) exhibitions, counselling, sensitisation sessions, talks on the ill effects of smoking in the community and worksites; and
(d) reinforce crackdown operations by the Public Health and Food Safety Inspectorate to ensure full adherence to the Tobacco Regulations in force since 31 May 2023.
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