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Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill

Le ministère du Transport compte amender la Road Traffic Act concernant le changement de propriétaires des véhicules enregistrés à la NTLA et par rapport à ‘le papier gage ».

Cabinet has agreed to the introduction of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill into the National Assembly. The object of the Bill is to amend the Road Traffic Act to, inter alia:
(a) provide that where there is a transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle or trailer between two individuals or between such category of persons as may be prescribed, no certificat de gage sans déplacement would be required from the National Land Transport Authority for the registration of the transfer of ownership by the Registrar-General. Instead, the transfer of ownership will be registered provided that the Registrar-General is satisfied, following verification on the database of the National Land Transport Authority, that the motor vehicle or trailer bears no lien;
(b) empower the Minister to make regulations to regulate the use of structures and objects that are, during a procession, carried, pushed, pulled or led on a road; and
(c) increase penalties with regard to some offences.

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