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[Document]The Political Financing Bill

Projet de loi du Premier Ministre qui va permettre de légiférer dans les finances des formations politiques à Maurice et Rodrigues et donnant des nouveaux pouvoirs à L’ESC.

The object of this Bill is to make provisions for accountability and transparency with regard to political financing with a view to promoting a level playing field, ensuring fair competition and preventing improper influence and corruption.

No political donation shall be made to a non-registered political party or toany person, other than to a registered political party, to a member of the NationalAssembly and to a person nominated to stand as a candidate at NationalAssembly elections.

Accordingly, the Representation of the People Act is being amended –
(a)to impose a limit on the election expenses of a political party orparty alliance at a National Assembly election and that party or partyalliance will henceforth have a legal obligation to submit a return ofsuch election expenses;
(b)for an increase in election expenses that a candidate may incur at aNational Assembly election, Rodrigues Regional Assembly electionor local government election; and
(c)for the regulation of temporary political headquarters and campaignquarters commonly known as “baz” during a National Assemblyelection, Rodrigues Regional Assembly election or local governmentelection.

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