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Speaker invites Ameer Meea to withdraw imputations

Le Président de l’Assemblée Nationale a fait une déclaration après les propos énoncés par le député mauve alors qu’il faisait son discours dans le cadre des débats sur le Budget 2024-2025.

Honourable Members, During the course of the debate on the Budget yesterday whilst the Honourable Ameer Meea had the floor, the Honourable Minister Koonjoo-Shah raised a point of order to the effect that the Honourable Member purported in his speech that members of the government have made profit on the dead bodies of COVID-19 patients. The Honourable Minister further stated that the Honourable member should be able to substantiate.

Honourable Members,
I have perused the recordings. After having been requested by the Honourable Deputy Speaker not to indulge in that kind of attack which cannot be substantiated, the Honourable Ameer Meea stated the following and I quote: –

“Everything that I have said, go and check it in the report of the Director of Audit. Go and read it; you will see that what I said is the only truth. And you know what? Truth hurts!”

Honourable Members
I rule that the Honourable Ameer Meea has not only imputed motives on Members of the Government but has also imputed motives on the Director of Audit who occupies a Constitutional post..

As Speaker, I cannot allow such serious imputations to go unchecked and I therefore invite the Honourable Member to withdraw the above imputations and to present his apologies to this August Assembly.

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