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Le Speaker revient sur un article de presse sur la suspension de Rajesh Bhagwan

Le Président de l’Assemblée Nationale a fait une autre déclaration lors de la séance parlementaire du 9 juillet 2024 sur le titre d’un article d’un quotidien.

Hon. Members,
I have another announcement to make.

I have taken cognizance of a press article entitled “La sanction contre Rajesh Bhagwan considérée comme injustifiée” which appeared in l’express of today.

In the said article, referring to the suspension of Hon. Bhagwan, the Hon. Shakeel Mohamed is reported to have stated that I have given a wrong interpretation of the Standing Orders.

I wish to set the record straight.

Hon. Members,

The House will recall that at the sitting of Friday 05 July 2024, I made an announcement in regard to the intervention of Hon. Bhagwan during a press conference whereby he uttered undignified words to my address.

I accordingly requested the Hon. Bhagwan to present his unreserved apologies to the House, failing which, I will be left with no other alternative than to ask him to withdraw from the Chamber.

The Hon. Bhagwan instead of presenting his apologies, replied the following –

“I call a spade a spade and I won’t withdraw. It is a fact ou enn azan politik; to enn azan politik”

In the light of the reaction of the Hon. Member and considering that this amounted to a grossly disorderly conduct and to disregarding the authority of the Chair, I took the decision to name him under Standing Order 49(4) and there was no need to proceed under the National Assembly (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act as grossly disorderly conduct occurred in the House itself.

I further wish to inform to the House that any Member who is aggrieved by the decision of the Speaker may challenge same by way of a substantive motion.

Therefore, the remarks made by the Hon. Shakeel Mohamed in today’s article in l’express are not justified.

I thank you.

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